Mortal Kombat



When I started working in the video game industry, it was all about the arcade. Row upon row of big heavy machines. Today you can probably play every game created in the 80's and 90's on your phone.  Times have really changed.
I've been cleaning out my closets and basement and, as I do, I keep finding interesting nuggets of my career as a video game designer.  This web site is a slowly-growing library of some of the stuff I've found... and more. Should be interesting to see it all in one place.
John Vogel Midway Games
This was me in 2009. Who stays at the same video game company for over 2 decades?
Terminator 2 - 1991
Terminator 2
Not my first game, but definitely the most interesting.
Mortal Kombat- 1992
Mortal Kombat 1 arcade game
The game that changed my life and career.
The Grid - 2000
The Grid
In my opinion, the most fun game I ever worked on.